What people say about us

Thank you for thanking us – we receive some wonderful thank you notes every week and it makes us proud of what we do.

I have been very pleased with the treatment provided for my 13-year-old Labrador. A few months ago she was suffering from a persistent limp due to her arthritic joints. Thanks to the laser treatment she has been receiving, combined with anti-inflammatory medication, this limp has now disappeared and she now has excellent mobility for her age. My overall impression of the practice is that it is efficient, holistic and caring. Thank you.
— Gila F 19/05/16

Always so wonderful and really personal…Thank you, thank you.
— Simon R 06/01/16

Everything was great, friendly and happy.
— Moe G 19/10/15

Good professional care.
— N Wood 09/04/15

So friendly and knowledgeable. They take care of our precious kitty like she was their own.
— A Blanchflower 07/03/15

My dog loves going to the vet!
— J Ouseley 03/03/15

Great! The vets were very welcoming.
— Ana 28/02/15

Lovely people who love animals and understand owners concerns.
— Jo B 23/02/15

Always friendly, supportive and helpful. We feel our pets are genuinely cared for.
— V Goulden 22/02/15

1st class. As expected.
— J Johnson 20/02/15

Friendly and fantastic care for my cat.
— Vitty 11/02/15

Just thankful Shadow is still alive thanks to you. Given him a new lease of life.
— Phillipa D 31/01/15

Seen promptly, friendly and caring staff!
— Ruth H 27/01/15

James is extremely caring knowledgeable and its very comforting to know our dog is in such good hands.
— Rebecca H 19/01/15

Very friendly atmosphere.
— Umit Y 19/01/15

Great practice!
— Alana 19/01/15

Tilly wants to come in whenever she passes, just to see Michelle! This makes her visits to see the vet much easier as she usually receives a treat!
— Andrew R 19/01/15

Fabulous practice: accommodating and friendly and really care about my pet.
— Caryn 17/01/15

Love the location and parking facilities outside!
— Helen C 17/01/15

On New Year’s Eve my 20 year old cat became very ill so I rang up the Vet at Petcare in 113 Chiswick High Road, W4 and they let me take her in at once. I did think she would have to go to sleep as she was so weak. The vet Clare assessed her condition, she checked her heart, blood and blood pressure, and lots more. At the end she said she will give Zara medicine and tablets and explained to me how and when to give her the medicine.
I took Zara home and gave her the medicine and tablets, within two days I could not believe the difference in her, she was able to walk slowly again, she also ate her food – I gave it to her in small amounts.
Today I took Zara back and Clare checked her, she was so pleased at how well Zara has improved and has now told me to reduce the medicine, after the tests she explained Zara’s blood pressure is good and for me to take her back in a couple of weeks for another check up.
I have used PetCare for the past year and I am so happy with the skill and care they have given my cats.
I would like to say a GREAT THANK YOU to all the staff, vets James and Clare and the nurses Michelle, Jan, Mandy, Rebecca, Emma and Lova.
If any of you have pet problems please visit Petcare.
— P Hart 07/01/14

Great as always.
— S Rodway 19/11/14

My dog and I always have a very good experience when we visit the practice. Highly recommended.
— JN 08/11/14

Always very friendly and helpful.
— Simon R 31/10/14

Petcare never fail in their excellent, friendly approach. Both my dogs are cared for to the highest standard – we have been coming for many years and my dogs actually get excited when they arrive.
— Matthew F 16/10/14

Very friendly, very helpful, all questions answered with a smile and just a fantastic service.
— Michael 17/10/14

My two boys have been coming to Petcare for 11 years and, although the vets have changed over the years, the service hasn’t. It’s still brilliant. Well done James, Claire, Kelly and Team Chiswick.
— Ursula B 13/09/14

Fabulous and friendly service!!
— David. S 27/09/14

First time here and very happy my new cat feel safe now.
— Charlotte. L 14/09/14

Very friendly, helpful staff. Lovely atmosphere and staff have a good attitude. Always enjoy visiting PetCare.
— Mrs Preistly 09/09/14

Always lovely and great with our really timid cat.
— Emma M 04/09/14

Fantastic service! Dropped in with a sore ear and grass seed removed within minute! Thank you all.
— Carol H. 01/08/14

People are only too ready to complain when things are not right, but seldom write when things are going really well!
I just wanted you to know how excellently I think the practice in Chiswick is run. I believe that James is not only an outstanding vet, but he has a wonderful manner with clients and is always ready to ringback and respond to any questions I have about my dogs. It is great that Clare and Jo are both back at the practice as well and I believe that you have a superb team there.
As you know, I have always had great help from nurses and receptionists too and have mentioned this to you in a previous letter. Lara continues to deal in a courteous and helpful way with and issues I might have.
I do hope the team will remain. I have great confidence in James and his colleagues.
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Thank you for your kindness and quick response. You did magnificently and I couldn’t have hoped for a better vet.

After months and months of being sick and with another vet, thanks to your help she is 100%. I could not have asked for better care.

Your expertise and support was second to none. We couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated, talented and caring team.

I wanted to thank you for taking such great care of us. Sally is a new cat after all of your care and attention and I am so grateful to you both for getting her well again. I know you went to great lengths to watch over her at her lowest points and I will never forget that.

Thank you Petcare for being the best practice we could ask for.